Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hawaiian Holiday

Over this past Easter holiday I spent the week working and resting in Honolulu, Hawaii – a city in which I lived for a combined total over 10 years beginning in 1992. As many of you probably know, Waikiki, (Hawaiian for  “spouting fresh water”), is located southeast of downtown Honolulu and is the central tourist hub for the island of Oahu – the most heavily populated island in the 7-island chain, and home to over 70% of Hawaii’s population. Waikiki was originally a deserted marsh and swampland, but began to build into a top tourist destination beginning in the early 20th century. Now Hawaii consistently ranks as one of the top vacation spots in the world.

The first hotel built in Waikiki, The Moana Surfrider, opened its doors in 1901 and is still one of the most beautiful hotels in Waikiki. Alongside the Moana is the Royal Hawaiian, another legendary hotel on the Waikiki strip. Other notable sites in Waikiki include Kapiolani Park, San Souci Beach, and Diamondhead Crater.  Each year, thousands of people from around the globe make Hawaii the land of their dream vacation. With so many things to offer – ocean, mountains, nature, sports of all kinds, and perfectly comfortable weather (it’s usually 85F [30C] and sunny year round!) – Hawaii has something for everyone.

During my downtime on this trip I decided to create a blog entry about Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park areas – the most popular beaches in on the Waikiki strip. Thanks to friend and fellow world traveler, Matt Gerber, I was inspired to make a video blog this time around, so here goes! I hope you enjoy my short tour of Waikiki.

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